What is important to us? Success! Naturally. But not at any cost and not at the expense of others. In our relationships with customers, employees and business partners, we live the values: Quality, fairness, innovation and sustainability.

Quality, fairness and innovativeness

At the technical level quality, innovation and sustainability are our key values. From those we derive significant impulses for the management of our company. It is our objective to fulfil customer requirements by providing suitable solutions.

We are committed to fairness in all our dealings with customers, employees and suppliers. This creates trust and forms the basis for long-lasting and efficient relationships. Fairness saves money.

"Trust is the low-friction oil  in our complex economy. It makes contracts easily understandable and clears the mind for the productive aspects of negotiations. On this basis, we work with our employees, our customers and our suppliers."

Dr.-Ing. Gerd Eckelmann, Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board

We get to the heart of what is important to us

Values need to be translated into day-to-day business. We trust in our guiding principles for orientation during decision-making processes.

  • We ensure the best possible product quality, even for the invisible details.
  • We provide understandable and clear offers, fair and transparent contractual conditions, sufficient warranties without any loopholes and long-term service provision.
  • Our forward planning ensures the observance of agreed deadlines.
  • We always consider both sides of a contract.
  • We give our word as business partners.
  • We undertake continuous research and proactive development work.
  • We invest in the know-how of our employees to improve our solutions and methods.
  • We handle resources economically and responsibly.
  • We meet our customers, business partners and employees with respect.
Dipl.-Ing. Peter Frankenbach, Sprecher des Vorstands
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