We wish for our employees to see their assignments as challenging and fulfilling, that they use their talents and skills optimally and continue to develop them further here with us. Creative assignments, which customers entrust us with, as well as promoting a culture of cooperation and respect during our daily work contribute to this.

Respect, confidence and creativity

Creative assignments at the pulse of time

Automation and digitalization are important innovation drivers for machine and system engineering. Therefore, we are with our projects very close to the technical pulse of time. During the direct exchange with the customers, our engineers and technicians experience how they shape industrial production, cooling technology or large medical systems with their hardware and software developments. We know what we are working for.

Our customers’ visions challenge our creativity. Here, the basis is solid professional competence of all our employees. The target-oriented innovations are the result of in-depth conversations with the customer as well as a collegial atmosphere, for example in our development teams or in production. Here, our experts sit together in shared offices, exchange opinions in pair reviews and practise the agile confirmation of decisions in scrum meetings.

"A culture of respect promotes creativity"

Our corporate culture is intended to strengthen the creativity of all our employees and to empower them in decision making. Our ideal is the responsible employee with complete confidence in his or her own creativity. This culture is characterised by three guiding principles in management and cooperation:

  • Consistent and cooperative leadership
  • Transparency
  • Reliable respect

Consistent and cooperative leadership: Leadership is consistent. Every necessity needs to be thoroughly reasoned and carried through. Here, we follow the subsidiarity principle. Meaning, decisions are swiftly made by those with the required expertise. Line managers lend their members of staff support as competent coaches. A fair handling of mistakes strengthens ultimately the employees’ confidence.

Transparency: We structure communication and information in a way that promotes creativity and participation. Creativity is stimulated through networking, through a change of perspective and through conscious cooperation. To make this possible, we allow a rapid exchange of information. When everyone is aware on what his or her colleagues are currently working, they are able to talk freely about new ideas or creative approaches. The generous dealing  with information is a success factor and we promote its existence at all levels.

Mutual respect: We strengthen each other's confidence through reliable respect. We treat each other with courtesy. We do not disrupt each other's work. We will not be waited upon.

Dipl.-Ing. Peter Frankenbach, Sprecher des Vorstands