Safety Engineering


Before their application in the plant, safety functions must demonstrate that the achieved safety level at least satisfies the specifications. A tool suitable for this purpose is the manufacturer-independent SISTEMA programme developed by the Institute for Occupational Safety IFA.

For the security modules from Eckelmann and Ferrocontrol, a library is available for download that can be opened in SISTEMA. It provides the performance indicators required for the proof.

E°Tools SLC for the convenient development of safety logic systems via drag & drop. The example shows a light barrier / laser scanner monitoring.
E°SLC 204 safety controller with expansion module and CAN bus coupler (left).
E°Darc SCM: certified safety functions up to SIL 3 or PL e.
5-axis rod maching centre with drive-integrated safety technology. The following security functions were implemented: SBC, SS1 with SBR (safe brake ramp control), SS2 and SLS The SS1 function is used to shut down the machining centre in a safe and controlled manner.
Drilling spindles as in this rod machining centre are a potential application area for safe standstill monitors.