Generational change in the management board of Eckelmann AG

Eckelmann AG has achieved another milestone in the generational change in its management board: company founder Dr. Gerd Eckelmann changes over to the supervisory board, Peter Frankenbach is new management spokesman, and Philipp Eckelmann joins the management board.

Wiesbaden, June 2016: Dr. Gerd Eckelmann, founder and CEO of Eckelmann AG, leaves the company's Management Board as of 30 June 2016. As from 1 July, he joins the Supervisory Board in the position of Vice-Chairman. Hubertus Krossa will continue as Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

In the course of this generational change in Eckelmann AG's Management Board, the Supervisory Board took a number of other decisions as early as in April this year. Member of the Management Board Peter Frankenbach was appointed Management spokesman with effect from 1 July 2016. “Peter Frankenbach will be representing the Management to the outside world and to employees. The position of Management Chairman will no longer exist”, said Hubertus Krossa. “The members of the Management Board are jointly responsible for the three areas of (1) machine automation, (2) refrigeration and building automation as well as (3) plant automation.” Another change taking place on 1 July is the appointment of Philipp Eckelmann, the company founder's son, to the Management Board.

Farewell and new start: Eckelmann AG remains the trailblazer for sustainable automation solutions

Gerd Eckelmann: “I am grateful and proud. Almost 40 years of an exciting company history lie behind us. At the same time, I am full of anticipation for the future of Eckelmann AG. The generational change has been intensively planned by the Management Board for quite a while, and we started implementing it at the right point of time. All members of the new Management Board have for years worked in their positions in the company. They are familiar with our business models and with the Eckelmann culture. They know our customers and the markets. In a time of exciting technological developments they will run Eckelmann AG with a focus on agility and networking.”

To bid farewell to Gerd Eckelmann as CEO and to mark the start of its new board of managers, Eckelmann AG hosts an expert symposium for invited guests on the topic of “Industry 4.0 and Agility”. At the end of the symposium, all employees are invited to attend a celebration.



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