Integrated building management systems (BMS) with E*LDS combine refrigeration systems and building services into energy-efficient and safe systems. The freely programmable BMS components are the basis for flexible building automation and offer great freedom for special solutions.

Integrated building management systems

At the control panel, the store manager can adjust temperature setpoints in the showroom
At the control panel, the store manager can adjust temperature setpoints in the showroom

Building automation comprises all monitoring, control and optimisation installations in a building. Its purpose is the independent implementation of functional processes across system boundaries and according to given parameters, and to simplify the operation and monitoring of these processes.

For this purpose, a network is established in which all sensors, actuators, operating elements, users and other technical facilities of the building are connected. The decentralised control units communicate with each other via CAN bus. The building management system (BMS) is the highest building automation level on which all systems are coordinated and controlled.

The E*LDS system actively supports operators of refrigeration systems in the implementation of an integrated energy management that fully integrates the building control. Convenient PC and web applications are available for uniform operation, monitoring and analysis.

Flexibility in building automation

Integrated building management systems from Eckelmann AG combine controllers for refrigeration systems with standardised or freely programmable controllers for building services. The same system properties and facilities, through which E*LDS has for many years been one of the leading systems in refrigeration technology, can thus be used in building automation. Transcending hitherto existing system boundaries creates energy and cost-efficient solutions.

BMS in the food retail trade

The combination of refrigeration technology and building control is particularly useful in food product markets. Automation is made more simple and straightforward, and capital costs are reduced. Eckelmann has implemented hundreds of projects in this area with E*LDS components, in which refrigeration, lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and other technologies such as geothermal facilities were integrated into energy-optimised systems.

  • Building automation across system boundaries
  • Combination of refrigeration and building control
  • Saving energy through the use of synergies

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Industrial & commercial refrigeration

The significant strengths of the E*LDS refrigeration control system are flexible supermarket refrigeration and customised solutions for industrial refrigeration. More

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