Intelligent building management systems would be unthinkable without the existence of professional operating, monitoring and optimisation tools. LDSWin software for remote maintenance of refrigeration systems, for this reason, integrates a wide variety of building automation functions, thus bringing together what belongs together.

Remote operation and maintenance for building management systems

LDSWin is a PC tool for the remote operation and maintenance and for the analysis of building control and refrigeration systems. It is appreciated in many fields of application ranging from modern food product markets and discounters to the food industry.

Process visualisation for heat recovery under LDSWin
Process visualisation for heat recovery under LDSWin

Remote maintenance centres use LDSWin for 24 hrs / 365 days remote operation and monitoring – sometimes in several hundred systems. For this, the data are retrieved via modem and/or data transmission by the system centre and evaluated, by the software. LDSWin is the ideal tool for the professional parameterisation and optimisation of building services. Setpoints for all components can be entered into, or modified in, clearly arranged parameter forms.

A quick survey of the systems used

LSDWin makes complex contents intelligible through visualisations. System-related process visualisations, for instance, provide a quick survey of the current status of the ventilation technology or the heating circuits to the store or facility manager. Thus, problems can be quickly identified, analysed and solved. The visualisations are automatically created by the software without further engineering effort and can be individually adapted to the local conditions.

Process visualisation of a ventilation circuit under LDSWin
Process visualisation of a ventilation circuit under LDSWin

Continuous synchronisation of all operating data ensures that temperatures, runtimes, energy consumption, error messages (and much else) are being stored on the hard disc. LDSWin automatically records many statistical parameters on the basis of which maintenance operations can be planned in good time. All data are displayed in clearly arranged diagrams.

Active energy management

As a result of the increasing cost pressure in, amongst other sectors, the food trade, the time for an active energy management has come. The graphical analysis tools under LDSWin identify energy saving potentials and evaluate measures for increasing energy efficiency.

This includes the energetic evaluation of the technical systems involved in building services such as heating, ventilation and lighting. LDSWin moreover supports the standardised comparison of commercial benchmarking and ranking systems.

  • Centralised monitoring, operating and maintenance of building management systems on site and via data transmission
  • Alarm management system
  • Intuitive process visualisations of the technical systems involved in building services such as heating, lighting and ventilation systems
  • Support of active energy management through graphical analysis tools

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