Individual and cost-optimised control solutions for cutting machines: Eckelmann AG provides cutting machine manufacturers with an all-inclusive package of perfectly coordinated control and drive components – suitable for all current cutting technologies.

Drive and control engineering for cutting and separating

Laser cutting
Laser cutting

Eckelmann controllers fulfil CNC functions for numerous cutting technologies, from plasma and oxy-fuel cutting to laser and water jet cutting. Support extends to cutting systems with shank and disc tools as well as cutting machines with cutting wheels, oscillating knives, band saws and cutting wire.

In these complete solutions, Eckelmann’s over 25 years of experience in the development of CNC applications for cutting are combined with a broad range of hardware and software:

Operating convenience: special HMI version for cutting

The user interface (HMI) has been specifically designed for cutting machine requirements. Manufacturing data can easily be imported in data formates DXF, DIN and ESSI. NC programmes can be comfortably generated on the machine. A comprehensive macro library is available for this purpose.

The HMI version has been specially optimised for typical cutting tasks and supports several nesting versions such as true shape nesting, parquet nesting and grid nesting. Moreover, there are functions for the automatic placement of first-cut tags and for sorting and optimising the cutting sequence. The integrated order management and operating data processing round off an operating concept for cutting machines that has proven its reliability time and time again.

A powerful NC operating system

Plasma torch with turning aggregate
Plasma torch with turning aggregate

The NC operating system from Eckelmann AG comprises as standard configuration all cutting-specific functions such as:

  • Surface measurement of cutting table
  • Determination of workpiece position
  • Z-axis height control
  • Tangential tool slaving
  • Reverse travel and restart on contour
  • Path speed-dependent control (laser power, abrasive dosing, etc.)
  • Edge recognition, correction modules
  • Shell-type transformation, e. g. for tube-cutting

Flexible engineering due to open control concept

The connection of the process peripherals in dependence of the cutting technology used in each case is simple and can be configured by the machine manufacturer. If necessary, however, the free programming of additional PLC function blocks according to IEC61131-3 (CoDeSys®) is also possible. Ready-made modules for different cutting technologies accelerate the engineering process.

Due to its comprehensive compentencies in the field of industrial image processing, Eckelmann AG also offers the integration of intelligent cameras - a real ccompetitive advantage for mechanical engineers.

Downloads relating to the numerous CNC cutting solutions from Eckelmann AG can be found on the right of this page.

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