The quality and productivity of modern machine tools for turning, milling and grinding, engraving, polishing, drilling, sawing and carving depend decisively on the performance of their CNC controller.

CNC for turning, milling and grinding

Engraving with 5-axis correction
Engraving with 5-axis correction

As a competent control partner, Eckelmann AG has supported CNC machine manufacturers and operators for more than 20 years. The spectrum of applications ranges from simple path controllers and cost-effective standard solutions to highly sophisticated systems with up to 16 axes.

Depending on the machine type, special CNC software is supplied, e.g. for turning machines, for surface, profile, cylindrical and non-cylindrical grinding machines as well as for carving and milling machines and for pantographs:

  • 5-axis-transformation (RTCP) for an engraving machine
  • 3D axis compensation for compensating mechanical faults in milling machines
  • Lead screw pitch and backlash compensation for compensating mechanical faults
  • Path speed-dependent output signals for performance enhancement
  • Technology-specific functions, e.g. for the out-of-round machining of non-cylindrical grinding machines

CNC with a flair for machine tool engineering

These NC functions combine state-of-the-art know-how with many years of experience in, and knowledge of, customer technology. Operators notice immediately they are working with controllers produced by an insider in machine tool engineering. This enhances safety and, moreover, increases ergonomics and productivity.

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