In the course of many years of close cooperation with customers from the mechanical and plant engineering sector, Eckelmann’s engineers have acquired specific know-how of the processing characteristics of different materials.

Processing of glass, ceramics, stone, plastics, wood and metal

Controller for a laminated glass cutting machine
Controller for a laminated glass cutting machine

The special knowledge thus gained is especially important in the efficient programming of technological control functions. We have specialist experience, amongst others, in the following processing sectors:

  • Glass, ceramics, stone and wood
  • Plastics
  • Metal

CNC, motion control and PLC complete solutions from Eckelmann are used as control platforms for the controlling of machines. The engineering also comprises the individual HMI design which is adjusted to sector-specific functionalities.


For several years, Eckelmann AG has brought its specific technological expertise in the area of glass processing to research projects. In the past few years, we have collaborated in an industrial association together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials (IWM) in the research project “Laser induced Scoring by Tension in Flat Glass”, which was sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Research and Technology. The results are currently developed in follow-on projects.

Plastics technology

Plastic manifold manufactured by core casting
Plastic manifold manufactured by core casting

Eckelmann provides controllers and software for modern machines and plants for plastics processing such as plastics shaping, foil production, etc. Typical functions such as temperature control and tool movement are implemented with established modular solutions.

Metal processing

Machining and non-machining manufacturing processes are employed in the processing of metal products. Eckelmann has experience with a broad variety of tools including lasers, milling cutters, knives, grinding discs, etc.

One of our long-standing key target sectors is automation in metallurgy. Due to the development of technological control systems on a multiprocessor basis, Eckelmann guarantees its clients in the rolling mill technology sector a sustainable edge in innovation.

From machine controller to control level

Its extensive experience in plant automation, moreover, allows Eckelmann the integration of machine controllers into superimposed manufacturing execution systems (MES) and/or storage and material flow control systems for large-scale industrial manufacturing systems.

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