Whether compact, high-end or customised embedded controller, the scalable and flexible controllers from Eckelmann’s E°EXC controller family are the ideal basis for the robust and efficient automation of machines and plants.

Flexible controllers - providing simple to complex automation solutions

The E°EXC controller is the all-purpose hardware basis for PLC, motion control and CNC solutions. It supports numerous technology-specific functions and permits the development of sophisticated applications.

Processor performance, interfaces, memory and programming can be selected so as to meet the needs of each individual application. The controllers are available in the following classes:

E°EXC-controllers at a glance

Technical features & interfaces E°EXC 55 E°EXC 66 E°EXC 66 compact E°EXC 66 H 43 E°EXC 66 Export
Processor 32-bit-Micro-controller
Motion and CNC combined
CNC axes 12 16 16 4+4a
Motion axes 12 60 60
CANopen® (number of separate buses) for drives and distributed I/Os 2 4 2 2 4
EtherCAT® for drives
EtherCAT® for distributed I/Os
sercos III for drives
sercos III for distributed I/Os
Ethernet TCP/IP
distributed I/O CAN CAN CAN CAN CAN
RS-232 2 1 1 1 1
USB Host Host Host Host
SD card
Protection class IP 20 20 20 20 20
Dimensions (W × H × D) in mm 45 × 100 × 115 45 × 100 × 115 45 × 100 × 115 45 × 100 × 115 45 × 100 × 115
Field of application Note f c, d b

Explanation of symbols used in the list:

(a) All controls subject to export licensing requirements are considered exports subject to a licensing requirement in accordance with Annex I of the EC Dual-Use Regulation (AL-No. 2D002)

(b) 4 + 4 gantry or auxiliary axes: limited to 4 interpolating axes for simultaneous path control, 8 axes in total.
All controls exempt from export licensing requirements are considered export versions, not covered by Annex I of the EC Dual-Use Regulation, or Part I of the Export Control List (Annex AL to the German Foreign Trade Regulations)

(c) for small and medium-sized PLC applications

(d) ultra-compact design complete with 24V supply

(e) for small to large-scale applications

(f) not intended for new installations

Control technology with technological know-how

Extensive function libraries as well as the consistent use of standards for interfaces and programming make for flexible and lean engineering. The CNC offers a wide range of technology functions, from non-cylindrical grinding to flame cutting. CNC solutions from Eckelmann are used in a variety of applications such as turning, milling, drilling, grinding, bending, punching, sawing, etc. The extensive motion function library in accordance with PLCopen® is capable of controlling even sophisticated multi-axis systems with high demands in terms of synchronicity and precision, e.g. in printing machines or handling systems for solar wafers. And with CODESYS mechanical engineers may enjoy all the benefits of the object-oriented programming of PLC-applications in accordance with IEC 61131-3.

We offer solutions, not components! Therefore, our customers always have a direct connection to our application and development engineers who help them solve tricky tasks on the basis of extensive experience and modern development methods such as HiL simulations for special kinematics or complex path controllers. Due to customised adaptations, Eckelmann’s control technology can be adapted to almost any deployment scenario.

  • Large set of CNC instructions
  • Innovative CNC core that is continuously developed further
  • HMI modular system for intuitive user interfaces
  • DIN programming
  • Motion function library to PLCopen
  • Extremely short cycle times for highly dynamic applications
  • Integrated development and commissioning environment
  • Plug-and-play for the integration of components into the control infrastructure, also for supported drive controllers
  • Communication: sercos III, EtherCAT®, CANopen®
  • Interfaces: Ethernet, USB, R-232
  • All control parameters can be stored on SD card for fast hardware replacement
  • Embedded web server
  • Robust components with long-term availability
  • Flexible and application-oriented I/O systems
  • Low power consumption and heat (loss) input to switch cabinet

E°EXC 88: High-end controller for CNC, PLC and motion

E°EXC 88 high-end controller
E°EXC 88 high-end controller

E°EXC 88 is a compact DIN rail controller that excels by the comprehensive instruction repertoire of the CNC core and the seamless integration of CNC and motion functionalities in controlling.

  • 64 motion axes to PLCopen with extensive motion function library
  • 32 CNC axes with comprehensive instruction repertoire
  • Possibility of seamless combination of motion with CNC functions
  • Extremely fast, robust and easy-to-wire real-time I/O system E°XBM

Due to the seamless integration of CNC and motion functionalities to PLCopen, it is possible to operate additional handling axes next to the CNC and to select the optimal task-dependent technology, i.e. CNC or motion, or a combination of both. The CNC processing of a moving workpiece is also possible.

Additional controllers at a glance

E°EXC 66
E°EXC 66
E°EXC 66 H43
E°EXC 66 H43
E°EXC 66 Compact
E°EXC 66 Compact
Merk­ma­le & Schnitt­stel­len
Pro­zes­sor 32-Bit-Mi­kro­con­trol­ler
Mo­ti­on und CNC kom­bi­niert
CNC-Ach­sen 16
Mo­ti­on-Ach­sen 60
CA­No­pen® (An­zahl ge­trenn­te Bus­se) für An­trie­be und de­zen­tra­le I/Os 2
Ether­CAT® für An­trie­be
Ether­CAT® für de­zen­tra­le I/Os
ser­cos III für An­trie­be
ser­cos III für de­zen­tra­le I/Os
Ether­net TCP/IP
I/O lo­kal LBM
I/O de­zen­tral CAN
RS-232 1
USB Host
Schutz­art IP 20
Ma­ße (B × H × T) in mm 45 × 100 × 115
Ein­satz­be­reich An­mer­kung

The E°EXC 66 is the standard controller for CNC, PLC and motion control applications in the high-performance level. A RISC processor provides pooled computing power.

Integrated ethernet-based real-time communication between controllers, drives and I/O peripherals: the E°EXC 66 / H43 with sercos III interface provides modern communication solutions for all applications of industrial automation—open, manufacturer-independent and IEC-compliant.

The E°EXC 66 COMPACT is a space-saving controller, whose optimised scope of functions and interfaces offers a particularly favourable price-to-performance ratio. Its areas of application are small and medium-sized PLC applications. Compared to the full version, the compact controller has fewer interfaces and is only available as PLC. But in return it comes with its own power supply, providing also the expansion modules with power. 

Why control technology from Eckelmann?

  • Tried-and-tested hardware and software in application-specific performance classes
  • Comprehensive application support
  • Proprietary CNC core with comprehensive instruction repertoire
  • Many technology-specific extensions to the CNC firmware for optimal support of various technologies from non-cylindrical grinding to flame cutting
  • Fast realisation of technology or customer-specific extensions to firmware due to strong integration of research and development
  • Since all firmware is developed in-house, also adjustments can be made for which it is necessary to access lower levels of firmware
  • Integrated development and commissioning environment for complete automation solutions
  • Flexible, robust and extremely fast I/O systems
  • High availability
  • High quality standards for development, production and testing
  • Industry standards in programming (CODESYS, IEC 61131-3, PLCopen) and interfaces (EtherCAT®, CANopen®, sercos III) for sustainable automation solutions


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