The E°Tools HMI is our system tool for the flexible creation of modern CNC user interfaces. With the HMI software, mechanical engineers can perfectly tailor the GUI and interaction design to your CNC application and to the needs of its users.

E°Tools HMI for Individual User Interfaces

A human-machine interface (HMI) is today much more than just a tool for machine operation. Ergonomics, flexibility and a unique look & feel have become strategic success factors. The HMI is increasingly seen as the machine’s business card and part of the machine manufacturer’s corporate identity.

Mechanical engineers are faced with completely new challenges here. Machines should be as easy and intuitive to use as consumer electronics. The user interface of a machine is expected to be on a par with that of modern tablets or smartphones. And as though this were not difficult enough, the changes in the design of tablets and smartphones are becoming ever more radical and take place in ever shorter cycles. Here, too, customers expect machine manufacturers to stay abreast of these developments.

The user interface adapts to different resolutions and aspect ratios. Depending on the selected resolution, the dashboard on the right-hand side of the screen includes a different number of boxes.
The user interface adapts to different resolutions and aspect ratios. Depending on the selected resolution, the dashboard on the right-hand side of the screen includes a different number of boxes.

With E°Tools HMI, mechanical engineers are ideally equipped for the contemporary operation of their machines. Usability & user experience and the simple, yet perfect adaptation of human-machine interaction to the respective machining process, which is particularly important for CNC machines, were central in this development. Due to the consistent development in accordance with modern paradigms of software development and the strict separation of function and design, it is possible to stay abreast of the state of the art in user experience and to quickly adapt the HMI to new design developments.

The following key features of E°Tools HMI make for a unique HMI design and a deeply impressive user experience:

  • HMI in corporate design
  • Intuitive touch-based control concepts such as gesture recognition or overlays
  • Operating sequence and range of functions freely definable
  • Operating and display elements optionally customisable
  • Changes in the design of central style specifications immediately take effect on all control elements
  • Simple software localisation, translation can be edited at runtime Changes and updates with a minimum of effort
  • Infinitely scalable vector graphics

Better machine operation as a success factor

The human-machine interface is the public image of your machine! User-friendly operation and contemporary surface design make your CNC machine commendable in the eyes of end customers. E°Tools HMI offers the following key advantages:

  • HMI is an important part of the corporate identity.
  • Positive user experience for sustained customer loyalty
  • Simple software localisation increases international competitiveness.
  • Flexible, easy-to-implement licensing models thanks to plug-in concept, i.e. your customers can obtain a variety of powerful packages from you.
  • Maintaining and updating user interfaces with a minimum of effort.
  • Professional role separation between design and programming team, so that everybody is able to concentrate on what they do best, thus shortening time-to-market.
Architektur und Plug-in-Konzept von E°Tools HMI
Architektur und Plug-in-Konzept von E°Tools HMI

Whatever way you like it

E°Tools HMI is a framework capable of incorporating any number of plug-ins in addition to page and navigation management. Many standard features are already available:

  • Alarms & messages
  • Tracing
  • On-line language selection
  • Database connection
  • ...

Machine manufacturers can thus concentrate on what makes their machines unique: their special additional features, and their own user experience.

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