The stand-alone programming tool (IEC 61131-3) for our control environment around the E°EXC 66.

E°Tools PLC – Freedom in PLC Programming

The proven IEC 61131-3-compliant development system E°Tools PLC is used as a basis for the PLC programming (in FBD, LD, SFC, IL, CFC and ST) of our control environment around the E°EXC 66. In a streamlined interface, this tool provides everything that is needed for fast and efficient development, from on-line debugging with breakpoints and process control, i. e. marking execution times in a function block, to real-time access to variables, writing / forcing of variables / outputs and trace recording of variables.

The control environment around the E°EXC88 and the E°EXC 880 is programmed with E°Tools Pro and does not require E°Tools PLC.

PLC programming with E°Tools PLC
PLC programming with E°Tools PLC
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