E ° SIM Cut is an innovative virtual 3D simulator for cutting machines for the hardware-in-the-loop test of CNC control and integrated image processing systems. It benefits development, training and sales presentation.

E°SIM CUT machine simulator

Which technologies does E ° SIM CUT simulate?

  • Oxy-cutting
  • Plasma cutting (also chamfering aggregate)
  • Laser cutting (also chamfering unit)
  • Water jet cutting (also chamfering aggregate)
  • Drilling (with tool changer)

Design and configuration of the virtual machine can be extended and customized. Please contact us if you are interested in a "digital twin" of your machine with E ° EXC control, whether for training courses, trade fair presentations or machine development.

Learn machine operation playfully

E ° SIM CUT makes modern cutting machines and their operation in a virtual environment directly learnable and experienceable. The incorporation of a new machine, thus, becomes a sustainable "edutainment" in the best sense of the word. The operator becomes a direct viewer of his interactions, allowing him to fully understand and intuitively understand all the functions of the machine without having to stand by the real machine. Optionally, even a VR headset (VR glasses) can be used. The simulations, thus, support independent problem- and action-related learning. And, by the way, E ° SIM CUT also saves expensive machine hours for training.

Make development processes more agile

As a modern development tool E ° SIM CUT helps to increase the quality of automation solutions and shortens the development time. The simulator allows partial virtual pre-commissioning, e.g. to test functions and processes in a focused and safe way or to optimize the usability of operating procedures, long before the actual commissioning.

This also accommodates modern agile development methods such as SCRUM: cyclical tests and presentations of work progress (product increment) can be implemented easily and safely with the simulator and discussed in the development team or with the customer at an early stage. The immediate feedback from the simulation also encourages the developers to find the optimal solution, thus, contributing to the overall quality.

Complex functions and procedures, such as in image processing systems, can usually only be tested on the real machine. Virtual pre-tests of image processing with E ° SIM CUT (for example, for the automatic detection of workpiece contours) can significantly shorten real commissioning times. As a special highlight, E ° SIM CUT has a camera, which calculates images for processing in the simulator.

Flame cutting as in the computer game

For E ° SIM CUT a universal game engine was used. With the runtime and development environment, a realistic functional model of a flame cutting machine was realized in a virtual industrial hall, which is completely coupled to the control technology by hardware-in-the-loop simulation (HiL), i. e. with CNC / PLC, IPC, control panel, HMI and image processing systems (see infographic). The result is a powerful and easy-to-customize virtual test environment with true-to-detail interactive 3D graphics that users otherwise only know from computer games.

As an especially innovative function, an interface to a virtual camera was created, so that even integrated image processing systems can be tested with image data from the virtual world.

Connection oft he real control and operation (left) to the machine sumlator (right)
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