A wide range of drive controllers and motors provides the drive solution that perfectly fits each mechanical engineering requirement. The scalability of the solution ensures the appropriate dynamic performance and control quality as well as optimal energy efficiency.

Drive technology for machine automation

The components of the E°Darc range allow for the configuration of suitable drive systems with comprehensive functionalities and excellent drive performance, from simple transport tasks to complex applications. For 200 W up to 18 kW, the application-specific selection ensures suitably dimensioned solutions. This guarantees high economy in purchase and operation.

E°Darc C - Servo controllers in FPGA architecture

Servo controller E-Darc C

The newly developed servo controller E°Darc C (2 to 16 kW) transforms the potential of modern FPGA technology into tangible technical benefits for demanding mechanical engineers. It best displays its strengths where high levels of control quality and dynamic performance as well as absolute safety are required. Its RePower option ensures optimal energy yield. Due to the Open Motion Controller Platform (OMCP), algorithms developed by the customer can be easily integrated into the controller software.

E°Darc V - Above-average controllers for average power

controller model for medium power range

The controller model E°Darc V provides the optimally tailored solution for the medium power range from 500 W up to 2 kW. This drive controller has a power feed of 230 V / 400 V and is suitable for AC drives. Via its CANopen® interface, it communicates with all controllers from the ExC range.

E°Darc M - High quality for low power

E-Darc M high quality for low power

The controller model E°Darc M with a DC power feed of 10 to 60 V is available for low-power applications of 200 to 800 W. With its particularly small housing dimension, this compact drive controller for BLDC and DC motors is suited for DIN rail mounting. Also the E°Darc M model is equipped with CANopen® interface (device profile DSP402, protocol DS301), encoder interface, 1 analogue and 4 digital inputs and 1 digital output. It can be employed for PLC applications and is suited for motion control / path interpolation via CANopen®.

An efficient motion strategy: E°motors


A wide range of synchronous, linear and torque motors is available. This multi-faceted programme of E-motors allows for the selection of a motor type that is precisely tailored to meet the respective mechanical engineering requirements.

Mechatronic solutions - height control

Eckelmann develops mechatronic solutions for special functions and applications in machine automation, e.g. for controlling the exact distance between tool and workpiece surface. This complete CNC height control system with Z-axis mechanism is mostly employed in cutting.

Intelligent drive components

  • Operation of synchronous and asynchronous motors with or without feedback (servo or frequency converter operation)
  • Synchronous motors with high-resolution motor feedback
  • Integrated absolute position (optional)
  • Power range up to 18 kW
  • Open, standardised communication interfaces (Profibus DP, CANopen®, EtherCAT®)
  • Automatic type assignment (motor drive)
  • Easy commissioning
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