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Looking for a complete solution? You’ve found an experienced automation partner for CNC, SPS and motion control!

We have exactly the right automation solution for your requirements. Drawing on a comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions, the Eckelmann Group covers every part of the automation technology for SPS, motion and CNC applications. We will bring our experience, creativity and strength in innovation to your applications. At the heart of our complete solutions lies the control and drive technology which excels in both hardware and software due to a large portfolio of solutions and which is integrated into automation solutions by our highly-experienced experts in this field.

From the industrial PC to the control system, from the drive controller to the I/O modules and integrated safety features, all the individual components can be flexibly combined with one another to form complete solutions in a wide variety of performance ranges. Where required, we can also extend the functional scope of the control system at a later point (including in a customized manner) without the need for new hardware. Because we know from experience: Good automation solutions are individual, open and future-proof!

Complete solutions from Eckelmann

Example: Complete system for a 4-axis cutting machine

CNC, motion control and SPS

  • Eckelmann’s own CNC core
  • Up to 32 CNC axes
  • Up to 8 channels
  • Minimum cycle time: 0.25ms
  • Integrated safety features
  • Industry 4.0 ready with OPC UA
  • Continuous further development
  • Customer-specific adaptations
  • Up to 64 motion axes
  • Certified Eckelmann function library (based on the PLCopen standard)
  • Can be combined with CNC functionality
  • Motion and CNC movements can be overlapped
  • Continuous further development
  • Can be used in a variety of areas
  • Freely programmable by the customer upon request
  • Programming via CODESYS V2 & V3
  • Can be freely combined with motion and CNC
  • Continuous software updates
  • Open programming environment
  • SPS projects for a variety of technologies
  • Safety programming
  • Project-related training provided upon request
  • Customer-specific adaptations

With optimally-matched components and the appropriate software, Eckelmann’s complete solutions guarantee long-term success when it comes to machine automation. If required, hardware components can also be modified and individually adapted to customers’ requirements.

Further information in the flyer the automation package for CNC machining centres

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Examples of automation solutions

SPS application in window production
Motion application in printing presses
CNC application for cutting

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