Whether milling, drilling, cutting, finishing, grinding or honing, complete machining needs future-proof system solutions that work in line with digitalization and ensure the competitiveness of production technology in high-wage countries.

The automation package for CNC machining centers

The modern touch user interface for machining centers sets standards in terms of usability and productivity.

The automation of CNC machining centers (MC) demands end-to-end concepts from full-service providers who understand the optimal orchestration of all technologies and processes in the machining center.

Ferrocontrol has more than 40 years of experience in the efficient automation of machining centers that have set new standards not only in profile machining, window production, switchgear construction and the furniture industry.

Make no compromises and trust in well-engineered solutions for the automation of your machining center. All components required for automation are optimally coordinated and designed for integrated system solutions (see application example at the bottom of the web page).

What does today's machining center have to accomplish?

Tool magazine in a machining center (photo: elumatec AG)

A machining center is understood to be nothing more than a machine tool that is controlled by a CNC and is equipped with a tool magazine and tool changer in order to be able to use various cutting tools. Today's machining centers also often have an automatic workpiece changer and the workpieces can be completely machined in one clamping. Different machining processes are usually used in one clamping, which typically include drilling, thread cutting, milling, cutting and grinding.
There may also be other processes such as, for example, laser marking systems or laser hardening. In any case, machining complex workpieces in one clamping has numerous advantages:

  • short cycle times
  • no retooling
  • fewer clamping devices
  • higher and more reproducible accuracy
  • quality improvements
  • lower manufacturing costs

CNC functions without limits

Whether 3-axis or 5-axis simultaneous machining, if you want to automate sophisticated CNC machining centers, you need a sophisticated CNC package. E°EXC 89 Controllers offer a very flexible and adaptable basis for this:

  • Interpolation of up to 32 CNC axes
  • Large instruction set in accordance with DIN 66025
  • Integrated CNC machine simulation
  • Adaptive look-ahead for optimal contour accuracy
  • Filter and feedforward control function
  • CNC supports a variety of kinematic transformations
  • Synchronization of CNC and motion axes with the PLC
  • Block search
  • Restart on the contour
  • Rotating tool center point or tool length calculation in space
  • Integrated tool management, including tool breakage detection and wear part management
  • Proven technology packages for:

    • Cutting technologies (laser, plasma, oxy-fuel, water jet, knife)
    • Profile machining
    • Saws

In addition, various handling tasks that are essential for efficient operation are generally to be automated in a machining center. This is why our MC solution package also offers various functions for shuttle tables or pallet systems for loading and unloading parallel to processing time, so that the next workpiece is prepared while the workpiece is still being processed.

Automation solutions for machining centers from a single source

ith our CNC solutions for machining centers, machine builders have a complete, tried and tested modular solution available, in which all components and functions are optimally coordinated.

From control and drive technology to panel PCs with a touch-optimized HMI surface for machining centers and safety solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into the automation.



Powerful CNC solutions for your advantage through automation: We are happy to work with you to develop an individual solution that is optimally tailored to the requirements of your machining processes. Feel free to contact us!

Solution example 5-axis machining center with spindle drive
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