CAD/CAM nesting software for sheet metal working and more

In conjunction with Eckelmann IBE Software, Eckelmann is now able to act as a one-stop provider for the entire CAD/CAM process chain and production management in sheet metal working.

Eckelmann IBE Software has been part of the Eckelmann Group since 2018 and specializes in CAD/CAM nesting software and management system solutions for sheet metal working. Powerful software solutions such as SHEET METAL CENTER and cncCUT are used around the world.

From flexible contract manufacturing to fully automated production processes, you can discover holistic solutions composed of versatile modules and interfaces perfectly tailored to your needs – with full multi-vendor capability and open to innovative processes.

Of course, Eckelmann IBE Software solutions can be combined with CNC Cutting Solutions by Eckelmann – with the added benefit of CAD, CAM as well as product planning and management software closely interfacing with CNC systems.

Eckelmann IBE Software is your expert for nesting and CAD/CAM software, offering comprehensive tech expertise and supporting all the popular technologies such as laser, plasma, oxy-fuel, and water jet cutting, punching-nibbling, drilling, bevel cutting and more.

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Thomas Rieger
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