CAD/CAM nesting software for sheet metal processing

Eckelmann IBE Software successfully develops and markets nesting software and offers components for sheet metal processing compatible with all machinery manufacturers. The product range comprises the independently developed CAD/CAM packages ncCAD32 and cncCUT.

ncCAD32 combines cutting (ncSchneid) and punching (ncStanz) in one package and enables the programming of combination machinery. cncCUT is a slim-line and most user-friendly CNC cutting solution.

Why nesting software from Eckelmann IBE Software?

  • Very good high-performance nesting routines, to place workpieces perfectly on a table
  • Holistic and comprehensive management of all aspects of sheet metal processing
  • Individual and customised CAD/CAM solutions
  • Individual Programming
  • Complete solutions from CAD to CAM to PPS
  • Compatible with all machinery manufacturers
  • Precise and high-performance calculations
  • IBECADImport for reading and amending drawings
  • Technological expertise and support for all current technologies e.g. laser cutting, plasma cutting, gas cutting and water jet cutting, punching/ nibbling, drilling, bevel cutting etc.
  • And lots more! We would be pleased to tell you more.


  • cncCUT is a complete, comfortable CAD/CAM package with a unique operating concept and huge functionality. The menu-based interface is as intuitive to use as a browser. Users can therefore create NC programs with hardly any instruction.

    Our technology module cncCUT is equally suited to the demanding experienced user, the complete beginner and machine manufacturers alike. Our CAD/CAM software can be adapted individually to fit your enterprise's requirements; thus, for example, an expansion to include our job management module SHEET METAL CENTER Plus can be carried out any time it becomes required. The software can be used with nearly every existing and future machine type and brand, giving you exceptional flexibility!


  • With ncCAD32 you get a tailor-made CAD/CAM tool, that helps you achieve the utmost from your machinery. Our ncCAD32 modules are precisely matched to each other and to you.

    Our programming solution is specialized for all types of sheet metal cutting technologies. We support all cutting methods, from punching/nibbling through plasma, waterjets and lasers to combi-machines. Our post-processors are specially adapted to your requirements to allow the optimal configuration for every user and machine.


  • ncNest is a program for creating nesting plans. The software uses our proven intuitive user interface and offers comprehensive functionality. ncNest supports your efforts to get the most from your materials by automatically optimizing your nesting plans. Every nesting plan can be manually fine-tuned after creation. When making your purchase you can license your preferred combination of our three automatic nesting strategies and one manual, tailoring your package to your production needs. Nesting plans can also be printed, or saved as DXF files.


  • Macros
  • Special solutions
  • PartCreator
  • OEM solutions
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