Complete solution for the sheet metal industry

The SHEET METAL CENTER Plus forms a complete package for production management, intelligently interfacing the production and administration sectors. CAD files can be saved for immediate re-use, avoiding duplication of efforts.
The operator requires just one single software package for planning, construction, quotations, nesting and NC programming. All work processes are designed and optimized for sheet metal work.

File Management

All files are managed through one database and can be searched and combined by varying criteria. Our efficient file management system allows you to optimize your jobs. The focus is always on the job in hand so that various jobs can be grouped and nested together on one sheet for example when material and thickness match, saving you both time and money. Next your completed files are returned to the database, and you retain an overview and control of your production and jobs.

Your advantages: 

  • Sheet and offcut management
  • Manage and nest your production jobs
  • Optimal sheet utilization through efficient nesting
  • Combine many jobs from different customers to save time and money
  • Time savings throughout the order fulfillment process
  • Database connection to an MS SQL server
  • Individual formulae
  • Quality certification
  • Diverse integrable technology modules available
  • Individual interfaces to PPS systems
  • Increased revenue and significant set-up cost savings
  • Work across your whole network

Learn more about the individual variants

Professional CAD/CAM software

    SHEET METAL CENTER Plus represents the interface between the design and production sides of your enterprise. Either of our technology modules (ncCAD32 or cncCUT) combine with SHEET METAL CENTER Plus to form one professional CAD/CAM package.
    Our CAM components have automated technology data creation, that is, with one click you can turn drawing files into machinable parts with cutting paths assigned and NC code ready.

    Your advantages:

    • Quick and easy creation of contours
    • Specially designed for sheet metal work
    • DXF/DWG import filters with error correction
    • User-oriented macro programming
    • Lead-in management and technology tables
    • Multi-torch cutting automatically or semi-automatically, with minimum offset
    • Common separating cuts
    • Cut beveled edges on machines with rotating heads
    • Read back NC programs as geometries

    Calculate production costs

    Ever-higher demands are placed on an enterprise's production processes. Reaction time to customer inquiries is especially important - the ability to give a speedy quotation by email may mean the difference between getting a job, or missing out. Our product AVKalk allows you to give a precise costing in seconds, and quickly create a professional, headed quotation form to include with your offer.

    Offer creation The calculation and quotation module is up to all challenges faced by a modern enterprise, and can be integrated seamlessly into your business processes. Additionally to the usual cutting and stamping work, you can also quote for other processes such as welding and forming. Modifications to the costing are applied immediately with one click. In combination with our job management module SHEET METAL CENTER Plus, you can create and manage job files from quotation through delivery.

    SHEET METAL CENTER Plus is a precision instrument for production management and offers many advantages. The focus is always on the job in hand, and as a rule you can also combine jobs to allow more efficiency through time and material savings. SHEET METAL CENTER Plus helps you to work smarter by reducing admin duplication, and increasing reusability of previously completed work.

    Your advantages:

        • Quick and easy to use
        • Streamlined workflows
        • Precise cost calculations
        • Flexibility and efficiency
        • Professional offer creation
        • Quote for varied works
        • Calculate individual parts or whole nests

        Optimal material utilization with our nesting modules

        SHEET METAL CENTER Plus is a complete nesting solution. There are many automated nesting methods, but our customers' favorite is true-shape nesting. This allows cutting paths; DXF, DWG and other drawing formats; and your own IBE drawing files to be nested together in seconds. All technology data such as lead-in paths are transferred. Also, you can manually nest your workpieces.

        Your advantages:

        • Nest part-in-part
        • Collision checks your lead-ins
        • Nest on offcuts
        • Varied parameters possible for each part (angle, pairing)
        • Varied parameters possible for each sheet (margin offset, orientation)

        Overview of our nesting modules:

        True-Shape Nesting:
        Dissimilar parts automatically and effectively nested to your sheets. The part-in-part function can always be applied.
        Parquet Nesting:
        One part, nested optimally to a sheet in a layout similar to a parquet floor.
        Manual Nesting:
        Dissimilar parts nested to a sheet using drag and drop technique.
        Grid Nesting:
        Parts are automatically laid out in a grid on your sheet. Especially recommended for punch cutting.

        Optional modules

        SHEET METAL CENTER Plus has a modular construction: Combine with ncCAD32 or cncCUT as the foundation technology module and expand to meet your needs.

        Available extensions:

        Labeling Parts:
        Multi-line text descriptions on your parts and sheets, including logos.
        Machine Utilization:
        Manage optimal machine occupancies.
        Ducting and macros:
        Our template parts for ventilation ducts offer a large selection of predefined and carefully designed and selected templates. You can also expand our standard macro selection using your own user-programmed macros, or macros from our expansion pack.
        Quotation calculations for sheet metal parts, created using real data from your material database.
        3D sheet metal designs with nets:
        Construct your 3D parts with Solid Edge, and use our interface to transfer the drawing to your sheet metal package as a DXF file. You can group and manage building groups as projects.


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