I/O systems from Eckelmann—the quick, safe and application-oriented way of recording and transferring input and output signals: simple installation and wiring concepts that accelerate the development of your I/O infrastructure.

I/O Systems

A robust and high-performance I/O system is the basis of any automation solution. Eckelmann offers versatile and highly practical I/O modules for the flexible development of centralised and decentralised I/O solutions that can be completely and seamlessly integrated into fieldbus networks via EtherCAT or CANopen.

All automation components—whether controls, servo drives, inputs and outputs, frequency converters, encoders, etc.—are precisely synchronised in real time with controls from Eckelmann and fieldbus.

The "UBM" and "LBM" type series I/O modules are available for the current modular control unit generations "EXC 89" and "EXC66".

  • E°UBM
    What makes the "UBM" type series so impressive is its enormous power density, multitude of modules, and simple manageability. With a width of only 11.5 mm per module, it saves space in control cabinets and, despite its very compact design, is extremely ease to wire. This type series is optimally designed for the "EXC89" CNC controller and allows centralized and decentralized I/O systems to be configured. For safety applications, special modules are available that can be used alone or in combination with the "E°SLC89" fail-safe control.
  • E°LBM
    The "LBM" type series has long since proven its ability to perform well in the field. The modules are perfectly synchronized to the interpolation cycle rate of the motion control via the high-performance internal bus. This is an important requirement for many machine applications. A CAN bus coupler (CANopen®) can also be used to realize modern, decentralized automation solutions with significantly less wiring effort.
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