Its own intelligence makes it responsive: the E°FBM I/O system offers a variety of digital and analogue input/output modules (I/O). In addition, there are functional modules for more complex tasks, such as a positioning module or a CAN dongle for copy protection.

E°FBM I/O system for CANopen™

All E°FBM I/O modules are equipped with the intelligence of a stand-alone controller. This not only increases the response rate by a factor of 4 to 20 in comparison to central control architectures, but also relieves the CAN bus.

Each module is connected as an autonomous CAN node (i.e. with its own node address) to the CAN bus. Thus, the modules are the ideal base for the automation of machines with various configurable functional variants / options.

Contact in Wiesbaden
Nils Scholbrock, Sales

Nils Scholbrock
Sales Department
Phone: +49 611 7103-398

Contact in Herford
Peter Schicker

E°EDP Engineering Documentation Plattform

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