Planning, monitoring, analyzing, optimizing, and documenting in the CNC production of tomorrow. Eckelmann’s Machine Management System will have you prepared for the networking and digitalization of your CNC machines.

Machine Management System

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How do you plan successfully? How do you achieve successful optimization? How do you recognize the potential for improvement? Every mechanical engineer, every machine pool operator asks these questions and needs to find answers in order to be successful. Whatever the approaches are, they all have one thing in common:

It all starts with information and transparency.

Information and data about what has been done on our machines in the past, what is currently being done, and what will be done in the future. Sounds simple. And that is exactly what it will be in the future with Eckelmann’s Machine Management System (MMS).

The MMS is designed as an open Industry 4.0 framework for medium-sized companies, from OPC-UA-based M2M communication to the connection of your machine pool to superimposed MES or ERP systems. Benefit from Industry 4.0 solutions that create true transparency with regard to shop floors and machines with extensive experience in the automation of production processes.

The MMS networks CNC machines

The MMS is Eckelmann’s latest software product and aims to promote the networking and digitalization of information and increase transparency in your own machine pool, thereby meeting the expectations for Industry 4.0 in medium-sized companies.

In the future, whenever multiple CNC or processing machines are operated in a company, it will be essential to network them with one another and establish a link to superimposed ERP and MES systems.

The MMS is the link between the machine level and the ERP or MES level. Data is collected, processed, and visualized in real time directly from machine’s the (CNC) control system via the open OPC-UA standard. The MMS is an open and expandable system, meaning that control systems and machines from different manufacturers can be connected to the MMS. The MMS itself is based on a platform-independent web service architecture.
The machines that are connected via the MMS are visualized in a dashboard that provides the operator of the machine pool with, among other things, access to the following information at all times:

  • Status of the machines
  • Past, current, and future jobs
  • Progress and remaining time of current machining

All relevant data and information are gathered and stored in a production data collection system (PDC), which is then used to generate reports and evaluations.

Machine management provides answers to efficiency and productivity

Would you like to know which of your machines are working at what capacity? Where are the waiting times, downtimes or set-up times the longest? Which machines require how many wear parts and how many auxiliary materials were consumed?

For all these questions, the MMS provides corresponding evaluations and, if desired, automatically sends them to you at regular intervals. Certain MMS functions are also available as companion apps and can be installed on smartphones and tablets. The MMS’s alarm and reporting systems in particular are suitable for use on mobile devices. Workers are informed directly and in real time about error statues or the unscheduled downtime of a machine, regardless of location. This can therefore greatly reduce unscheduled downtimes.

What makes the MMS appealing for the future? This functionality has virtually no limits and the range of functions continues to grow.

Current and future MMS functions

Industry 4.0 solutions for your machine pool

Is a specific functionality especially helpful to you? We would be happy to evaluate its feasibility.
Are you wondering how the MMS can boost the productivity and efficiency of your machine pool?
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