Experience Machine Vision as a surprisingly versatile automation tool: Eckelmann is your partner for intelligent image processing systems that are perfectly integrated into your application.

Image Processing

Image processing system with camera, lens and built-in lighting.

Eckelmann integrated image processing systems are optimally tailored to your application and help you to solve demanding automation tasks elegantly and economically. Eckelmann’s vision systems are also used for visual inspection and quality control inspection as well as tracking & tracing.

Eckelmann offers you powerful components for your machine vision solution, from cameras and optics to lighting, PC-based evaluation and integration into the real-time machine control and the user interface.
In addition, a highly skilled machine vision team with over 15 years of application experience is at your disposal to develop and deliver custom image processing solutions by using this universal tool of automation.
Of course, we also take care of the integration of image processing and mechatronics upon request.

Feel free to contact us: We are happy to introduce you to the technical possibilities and framework conditions of industrial image processing and to develop feasibility studies and tailor-made solution concepts for your application.

The vision of industrial image processing

Industrial image processing has become an important impetus for increasing the level of automation in production processes and is widely regarded as one of the key technologies for Industry 4.0. Image processing makes many other processes more effective and efficient, increases product and process quality and reduces manufacturing costs.

In the future, there will hardly be a machine or production line that uses non-imaging sensors, as intelligent image processing systems are unbeatably precise, fast and extremely reliable in many applications. Many complex measurement and inspection tasks can be solved surprisingly easily using 2D and 3D image processing.

In quality control and product identification, it has become just as indispensable as in process control and monitoring. With the help of modern image processing systems, you can meet today's demands on quality, cycle time, safety and traceability (track & trace) in an economical way.

Errors or deviations in individual production steps can be recognized directly in the processing cycle by means of image processing. This opens up completely new possibilities for correcting process parameters on-the-fly and, thus, coming one step closer to zero-defect production.

This is also shown by the following example of hose processing: At a drilling station, an automatic fine adjustment of the drills is achieved by means of image processing.

You can find a video in the YouTube channel of our subsidiary Rex Automatisierungstechnik: https://youtu.be/v1Xh3dyww5Q?t=1m21s