Eckelmann has been developing sophisticated image processing solutions for the automation of machines and plants for 15 years. Discover exciting applications in electronics production and engineering, in storage systems for pharmacies, material flow and logistics ...

Image processing in reference applications

When image processing is integrated into machine control and processes, it becomes a universal automation tool. In industry, it is increasingly becoming the measure of things, because it offers almost inexhaustible opportunities to control processes more effectively. Here lies our strength as an automation partner with great know-how in the practical application of image processing solutions.

This is also shown by the selection of application examples. Feel free to contact us. We are happy to give you information about these and other references in the field of industrial image processing.


  • Camera system: compact unit of camera, lens & lighting
  • Fiducial detection (registration marks) for position correction
  • Checking the machined contours (cutting control)
  • Teach function for creating / correcting machining programs
  • Detecting Bad Marks and Marks
  • Detection of barcodes or matrix codes
  • Automatic Calibration Wizard
  • Statistical process control
  • 100% quality control in the running process

Handling and storage systems in pharmacies

  • Fully automatic calibration and setup process
  • Reading barcode and matrix codes
  • Measurement of medication packaging
  • OCR of the expiration date

Inline control of Braille on medicine packaging

  • Checking the embossing for quantitative correspondence with a freely programmable template
  • Control of the subsequent sorting process by means of a sorter

Residual plate detection on cutting machines

  • Capture and digitize flat components
  • Save the captured contour as a DXF file

Contour- and seam tracking on cutting- and welding machines

  • Touching and tracking contours (edges, kerfs, seams, etc.)
  • Dynamic determination of the trajectory

Machine vision solutions for logistics and material flow

  • Container identification of reusable containers
  • Inspection of reusable containers
  • Tube tracking in a tube adjustment with InkJet marking station and scanner stations
  • Package identification in a goods receipt warehouse
Arno Dewald, Eckelmann AG