Many machines require a coordinated motion sequence of several servo axes. Purely mechanical systems can be replaced with mechatronic solutions in a reliable, cost-efficient and flexible manner.

Complete motion control

Everything in the field of "motion control"

Configuration example of a motion control complete solution
Configuration example of a motion control complete solution

Eckelmann’s proven drive and control technology components are the platform for complete control solutions for motion control applications (of up to 64 axes

  • Terminals or industrial PCs for operating and monitoring tasks
  • Controllers
  • Fieldbus and local bus modules
  • Servo controllers and motors

In terms of performance, interface selection and size, all components can be scaled to suit the individual machine tasks. To form a finished motion control solution, the control system thus assembled is supplemented by the EMC software library.

The motion sequences are programmed by Eckelmann’s function library, which is certified in accordance with PLCopen standard. And this is where the company’s many years of development experience in the control of coordinated axis motion is used for fast and safe new applications.

Solutions can be continuously improved through the development or upgrade of components.

As a result of many years of development work and practical experience, all components are optimally integrated. Their smooth interaction guarantees short project duration, custom functionality and a commissioning without delay.

Motion control applications

Motion control application in printing
Motion control application in printing

Mechanical engineering customers employ motion control solutions from Eckelmann and Ferrocontrol in different areas such as

  • Rotary die cutting
  • Sewing machines
  • Wafer handling
  • Printing machines

We are generating particularly sophisticated solutions for a long-standing customer from the job printing sector. The shaftless printing machine on the basis of ExC66 and the motion control software library is a real trendsetter in the printing industry.

Motion control complete solutions

  • Motion control complete solutions guarantee quick success in machine automation by virtue of optimally integrated components and the appropriate software.
  • Solutions on the basis of standard components which, for larger quantities, are modified and developed to meet application-specific requirements.
  • Flexible solutions capable of being continuously developed through extensions and upgrades to more powerful versions.
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