PLC complete solutions from Eckelmann and Ferrocontrol have everything that complete machine controls need. And if necessary, they even grow along part of the way.

Everything that a PLC needs

Configuration example of a PLC complete solution
Configuration example of a PLC complete solution

We have the PLC complete solution for all current machine control tasks ready for you. From the broad range of components, the appropriate platform for any PLC application including sophisticated time- and safety-critical tasks can be assembled.

  • Terminals or industrial PCs for operating and monitoring tasks
  • Controllers
  • Fieldbus and local bus modules
  • Servo controllers and motors

The platform is turned into a complete solution by the PLC software package ELC based on the IEC 61131-3-compliant CODESYS standard, which efficiently supports the application development.

Solutions can be continuously improved through the development or upgrade of components.

PLC applications

PLC application in window installation
PLC application in window installation

PLC solutions are employed both as integral components of motion control and CNC applications and as stand-alone systems. There are numerous target sectors, from the packaging industry to intralogistics and medical engineering.

In all this, the PLC functionality properly speaking is open to further extension to include additional technologies from Eckelmann. This can be seen, for instance, in the intralogistics complete solutions for the transport and chaotic storage system of packages of various sizes. A suitable solution based on industrial image recognition has meanwhile been found for the PLC implemented in this project.

PLC complete solutions

  • PLC complete solutions guarantee quick success in machine automation by virtue of optimally integrated components and the appropriate software.
  • Solutions on the basis of standard components which, for larger quantities, are modified and developed to meet application-specific requirements.
  • Flexible solutions capable of being continuously developed through extensions and upgrades to more powerful versions.
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