Needs-oriented automation of plants and processes. For more than 35 years, Eckelmann has developed sophisticated solutions for integrated automation. Individual and open automation concepts provide a sustainable competitive edge to plant engineers and operators.

Applications in plant automation

High dynamic control of continuous casting in the steel industry
High dynamic control of continuous casting in the steel industry

The performance of an automation solution crucially depends on the thorough understanding of the customer’s technology and on extensive know-how in automation technology. Eckelmann is at home in many sectors. Our engineers have a rich application experience and speak the language of mechanical and plant engineers.

Plant automation as a challenge

The requirements imposed by plant automation are similar in all kinds of applications: processes and operations need to be optimised, whether in industrial manufacturing, the process industry, in the automation of material flows or internal logistics (intralogistics).

The use of control systems and the integration of automation solutions into higher-level IT systems increase the transparency and flexibility of processes, both in new plants and in the modernisation and extension of existing plants. Control technology and automation enhance plant productivity and product quality. Plant availability and utilisation are sustainably improved by automation. Energy efficiency and a more efficient use of resources are further issues relevant in plant automation across all industries.

Automation is never capable of replacing human beings. The processes that need to be controlled and monitored are ever more complex. Therefore, safe and intuitive operating & monitoring concepts are vital to any good automation solution and can hardly be overrated. The user-oriented HMI design and the sector-specific display of information require familiarity with the sector and a rich application experience.