As a systems integrator, Eckelmann AG has extensive expertise in the automation of plants in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The company offers hardware and software solutions for all automation levels of chemical and pharmaceutical plants and for machines and devices.

Chemicals and pharmaceuticals

Control of a package unit
Control of a package unit

The engineers of Eckelmann AG have developed integrated solutions for all levels of process automation in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries for many years. Comprehensive industry-specific know-how and a thorough understanding of the processes to be automated are the basis of an engineering which gives you a sustainable competitive edge.

We are familiar with the industry-specific demands and know the regional and global safety regulations for the protection of personnel and plants. Open and flexible automation solutions from Eckelmann provide safe solutions for the entire life cycle of your plant.

Innovation partnership

In close cooperation with you, we analyse the specific requirements of your plants and processes and design sustainable automation solutions on the basis of the customary standard components and systems. Where standards fall short of what is needed, we develop individual hardware and software solutions. And we’ll do everything in our power to give you an edge in innovation.

Smooth migration strategies ensure that plants are converted with minimal repercussions on ongoing operations.

Comprehensive expertise in process technology

Regulations and quality-oriented development processes

Solutions from Eckelmann offer technical safety by complying with industry-specific guidelines such as the Namur or ATEX regulations. In supporting standards such as the ISA S88 (norm for “batch-oriented operation”), we generate industry-specific solutions with reduced development effort. Eckelmann is a prospective and retrospective validation partner.

Both in Europe and in the U.S., production processes in compliance with good manufacturing practice (GMP) guidelines need to meet a number of legal provisions concerning the planning of production sequences, product quality and the approval of production facilities for operation. For those involved in the project, the requirements which the corresponding regulations and provisions place on production imply a procedure that goes beyond the customary quality assurance. Compliance with the U.S. GMP guideline (21 CFR Part 211), for instance, is mandatory for the creation of software for process control systems in the pharmaceutical industry.

Because of the intensive cooperation between Eckelmann AG and its respective customer, technical as well as economic risks can already be minimised in the planning phase by taking qualifying measures incl. the subsequent support of a validation.

For the employees of Eckelmann AG, this procedure is an integral part of the development process supported by a QM system specially tailored to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

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