For the most part, food and feed are today produced, processed and packaged on an industrial scale. Modern process control systems make production processes more flexible, increase productivity and ensure constantly high quality.

Food and feed

Foodstuff production: mixing silo
Foodstuff production: mixing silo

Eckelmann has particularly extensive experience in automating mills/grain mills, industrial bakeries/dough preparation and production facilities for convenience food. The spectrum ranges from compact single PC solutions to control systems for multi-user operations and plants of any size with client-server architecture.

  • Control system-supported process optimisation
  • Production planning and optimisation
  • Operating, production and quality data logging
  • Higher capacity utilisation through more flexible production processes
  • Intuitive operation and visualisation
  • Convenient recipe management
  • Maintenance support

Both in automating new plants and in modernising or extending existing ones, modular, plant-specific solutions guarantee maximum flexibility and safety.

  • Networking with customers’ IT (ERP systems such as SAP, etc.)
  • Web technologies
  • Goods receipt management
  • Inventory control and enterprise resource planning
  • Filling and packaging
  • Bulk loading and shipping

Quality and safety

Automatic processing of dough lines in a bread factory
Automatic processing of dough lines in a bread factory

Norms and guidelines such as the International Food Standard (IFS) or EC 178/2002 place high demands on quality and safety. Automation solutions from Eckelmann are investments in transparent and future-oriented quality management and sustainably increase customers’ competitive position in international markets.

  • Logging of laboratory, quality and operating data
  • LIMS integration
  • Product tracking across all production stages (tracking & tracing)
  • Convenient identification via barcode or RFID
  • Online process and quality control with NIR spectroscopy

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