Skilful control of technically sophisticated coilers: as a partner for innovative engineering, we implement complex automation solutions in the steel industry. You profit from our many years of experience in the application of coilers for steel mills!

Coiler systems


Do you wish to modernise your coiler automation because of obsolete hardware components? Or would you like to improve plant availability, operating concepts and simplify maintenance? And simultaneously upgrade your system to modern drive technology and extend your coiler system with innovative features?

Eckelmann has accompanied leading coiler plant manufacturers for several years, successfully realising numerous coiler projects for hot and cold rolling mills. Here, Eckelmann offers full automation.

Main supply control cabinet
Main supply control cabinet

When automating for an downcoiler for a large steel works in 2010, all of Eckelmann AG's core competences were sought: preparation of a performance specification, engineering the hardware and software, control cabinet construction, software programming, workshop testing and commissioning.

The automation incorporated:

  • Electrical engine and hydraulic control systems for three coil systems
  • Higher-level coil master system for conveyor belt tracking and roller tables
  • Connection of the coil discharge system
  • Connection of further systems: manufacturing line, binding machine, production planning etc.
  • Safety functions: access to hazardous areas, hydraulic shut-off blocks, drives
  • Main supply with low voltage
  • Hydraulics system
  • Measurement data recording system

The automation systems used are:

  • VMEBus as a core system for automation
  • Hydraulic PLC
  • Safety PLC
  • HMI visualisation
Armin Seyffer