Heavy plates and blocks up to 36 m long, 5 m wide and 400 mm thick: special heavy-plate stands require special automation solutions! As a partner of innovative mechanical engineering companies, ECKELMANN implements the automation of such steel industry giants.

Heavy-plate stands

Heavy-plate rolling mill (Photo: Stahl online, SMS group)
Heavy-plate rolling mill (Photo: Stahl online, SMS group)

The precise control and monitoring of the thermo-mechanical forming process in the heavy-plate stand substantially affects such material properties as homogeneity or surface quality. Only in this way are heavy plates capable of fulfilling the mechanical requirements placed on them, for instance, in the construction of offshore wind farms. Automation is one of the crucial success factors in the steel processing industry.

One of the key factors in the production of heavy plates is the precise temperature control during the forming process and the optimisation of the two-dimensional reversing passes. Next to these tasks, Eckelmann’s automation solutions are also responsible for precisely controlling sheet thickness. What is required here is extensive expertise of the technological procedures. Thus, the complex rolling process in heavy-plate stands becomes manageable through modern automation technology.

Eckelmann designs and delivers automation for challenging control tasks of this kind. For the quick control of heavy-plate stands, Eckelmann uses its proprietary E•ProBAS  automation platform. Control times as low as 1 ms are needed to control the hydraulic actuators.

  • Automation of heavy-plate stands
  • Automatic sheet thickness control
  • Comprehensive process control
  • Quick control of hydraulic drives

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