Before being processed in the hot strip mill, steel slabs pass through a roughing stand where the thickness of the red-hot slabs is reduced to approx. 50 mm in several reversing passes.

Roughing stands

A precise control of the forming process in the roughing stand substantially affects such material properties as homogeneity or surface quality.

One of the key factors in the roughing stand both in the production of high-strength thin steel plates and in preparing steel plates for tube production is the precise temperature control during the forming process and the optimisation of reversing passes. What is required here is the plant engineer’s extensive expertise. The complex rolling process in roughing stands thus becomes manageable through modern automation technology.

Eckelmann designs and delivers automation for challenging control tasks of this kind. For the quick control of roughing stands, Eckelmann uses its proprietary E•ProBAS automation platform. Control times as low as 1 ms are needed to control the hydraulic actuators.

  • Automation of roughing stands
  • Maximum process control
  • Quick control of hydraulic drives

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