From the calender via the kneader to the mixer, including energy-efficient heating control: Eckelmann has modernised its automation technology of a calender line for one of the world's largest plastic film manufacturers.

Plastics industry: calender line

The following objectives were followed with the modernisation of the calender line for plastic film:

  • Optimisation of operating and servicing friendliness
  • Extension of functions
  • Application of state-of-the-art drive technology
  • Increased operational safety according to the current machine guidelines
  • Better system availability
Calender extraction area
Calender extraction area

The requirements were analysed in close collaboration with the customer and determined as clearly defined individual requirements in a well-structured performance specification. Thanks to the documentation of the requirements being transparent for both parties, tests and the commissioning of the modernised calender line only led to minimal downtimes. Proof of the validity of the function requirements could be provided extremely efficiently by the quality-directed and requirements-driven development process.

The automation incorporated:

  • Controlling various hydraulic and pneumatic individual functions
  • Roller adjustment with position control in the µm range
  • Vertical integration in higher-level systems such as Production Planning and Controlling (PPS), Operating Data Recording (BDE) and the Measuring System
  • Meeting the security requirements whilst using certified, safe drives
  • Energy-efficient heating control
  • Motion control: cascading the drives
  • Main supply with low voltage
  • Measuring data recording system

The automation systems used are:

  • Siemens SIMATIC S7®-PLCs for: calenders, heating, kneaders and mixers
  • Siemens SINAMICS® drives (certified as safe)
  • Visualisation using SIMATIC WinCC®
Armin Seyffer