Subsequent to the meticulous requirements analysis, warehouse management and material flow systems from Eckelmann AG are tailored to the individual customer’s storage and production facilities.

Storage technology and intralogistics

High-bay warehouse
High-bay warehouse

We generate integrated intralogistics solutions with optimal price-performance ratio in close cooperation with our plant engineering partners.

By their very nature, intralogistics projects have a strong interdisciplinary orientation. Both the horizontal integration of different systems and the vertical integration require the efficient and economic interaction of a wide variety of partners. Horizontally, for instance, steel construction, conveyors and material flow functions have to be reconciled; vertically, all kinds of business processes such as storage, commissioning and transport need to be harmonised.

The success of a project does not merely depend on the quality of its individual systems. Another decisive factor is the synergetic and sustainable interaction of these systems. Under the direction of an experienced systems integrator like Eckelmann AG, automation technology once more proves to be an interdisciplinary hub and enabler of integrated solutions.

Conveying line in a mill
Conveying line in a mill

Whether in new plants or modernisation projects, the systematic modelling of automation solutions for storage and material flow in production facilities provides our customers with a sustainable increase in productivity.

As a systems integrator with overall responsibility, Eckelmann AG combines all relevant operating levels of a logistics facility into a technically and economically optimised overall solution.

In addition, Eckelmann also designs machine vision solutions for intralogistics and material flow applications such as automatic measurement of parcels or optical character recognition (OCR).

Application examples

As a partner of major plant engineers and system providers, Eckelmann has implemented a wide range of applications in storage technology and material flow control:

  • Tray storage systems: automation of a central spare parts warehouse with innovative pick-by-light order picking
  • Long goods storage facility: modernisation of warehouse management
  • Sorting system with labelling for parcels of various sizes
  • Warehouse modernisation: new warehouse management and order picking system incl. modernisation of material flow control
  • Modernisation and extension of a high-bay warehouse
  • Manufacturing execution systems with dynamic storage location management
  • Manufacturing execution systems with warehouse management computer and forklift guidance system for powder production
  • Manufacturing execution systems for mills and mixed animal feed plants
  • Processing of digital delivery notes
  • Order picking system for car cable harnesses
  • Industry solution for the paper industry
  • Small intralogistics applications
  • Baggage check-in counters at airports

Information on reference projects can be obtained upon request.