The world of warehouse automation and warehouse management is very diverse. We have therefore organised our software modules and development processes so as to achieve maximum flexibility in the design of solutions.

Warehouse management

Finished goods warehouse in a mill
Finished goods warehouse in a mill

Individual warehouse management systems from Eckelmann have been proven many times both in new plants and in the extension and modernisation of historically grown logistics infrastructures.

In the development of flexible warehouse management systems, Eckelmann AG uses its proprietary standardised E•MAT function library. The highly adaptable configuration of the warehouse is made via a database.

In a tray storage system, for instance, the geometry and technical features of the trays are freely configurable. Master data management can be easily adapted to application-specific requirements.

Warehouse management supports a number of modifiable strategies for entry into, and removal from, storage and for the organisation of storage locations.

The virtual warehouse

3D visualisation of a paper reel warehouse
3D visualisation of a paper reel warehouse

One of our major highlights is the realistic 3D visualisation of warehouses. This visualisation even admits of operator inventions via drag & drop.

Information on reference projects can be obtained upon request.

Rudolf Schäfer