Technical processes, whether in industrial manufacturing or in the process engineering industry, are controlled by control systems. These are the key to an efficient use of energy and resources as well as to quality and safety.

Control systems

Control system for kerosene supply at Frankfurt Airport. View of the apron.
Control system for kerosene supply at Frankfurt Airport. View of the apron.

Eckelmann AG develops and delivers integrated automation solutions from the field and process control level to the interface on the company management level and/or enterprise resource planning systems (such as SAP). In line with vertical integration, control systems from Eckelmann include innovative MES functionalities:

Both the installation of new plants and the modernisation of existing plants are possible. The infrastructure is largely maintained, smooth migration strategies guarantee minimum downtime periods.

Custom functionalities

Process engineering facility
Process engineering facility

Control systems that are adjusted to suit customers’ needs and based on established and cost-optimised industry standards offer many advantages:

  • Maximum operator convenience
  • Scalability
  • Integration into existing IT infrastructure
  • Optimal servicing and maintenance support due to modern system platforms and development methods
  • Maximum plant availability
  • Remote access
  • Easy extensibility


In line with the system integration principle, customary standard systems and standard products are selected independently of manufacturers and with a view to best suit customers’ requirements. These systems and products are supplemented with proprietary solutions exactly adapted to existing components. If necessary, Eckelmann develops individually tailored software and hardware. Using open systems architecture on the basis of established industry standards provides our customers with a high degree of freedom – for instance, in subsequent plant extensions. Open systems guarantee that our customers are independent of particular suppliers.

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