The selection of the appropriate control and automation concept gives operators of plants for the weighing, dosing and mixing of bulk solids and liquids a decisive competitive advantage. Eckelmann’s E•MIC NT dosing and mixing control systems are the right choice!

Dosing and mixing control systems

Group of weighing units with movable buckets
Group of weighing units with movable buckets

The precise logging and processing of weights, volumes and process parameters plays a significant role in batch and continuous processes. For this reason, the efficiency and reliability of a plant crucially depends on the extent and functionalities of the automation and control technology used.

Dosing and mixing control systems from Eckelmann cover, amongst others, the following areas:

  • Process optimisation on the basis of control systems
  • Production planning and optimisation
  • Convenient recipe administration
  • Simulation and control of mixing and dosing processes
  • Logging of operating, production and quality data
  • Intuitive operation and visualisation
  • Tracking & tracing
  • Maintenance support

The harmonious integration of plant automation and control technology into existing IT environments (such as ERP or laboratory systems) enhances the flexibility of production processes and product quality. Control systems that communicate across system boundaries sustainably enhance profitability. The compilation of commercial and technical data provides plant operators with effective tools for optimising their processes such as the quality assurance in accordance with the European Food Regulation EC 178/2002 or the International Food Standard (IFS).

Involved in mixing operations - E•MIC NT!

Workstation for manual addition
Workstation for manual addition

Eckelmann’s E•MIC NT system offers a complete hardware and software programme with a broad range of functions for the flexible and freely parameterisable implementation of weighing and mixing regulations. The E•MIC NT system is based on standard platforms (IPC, WINDOWS, Oracle database systems) and covers the entire spectrum, from compact dosing control to the dosing and mixing control system in a network architecture for any size of plants.

E•MIC NT is a multiple-user system capable of peripheral extension via modem or web applications.

All system requirements for remote maintenance are included in the standard version. External applications of any kind (e.g. PPC, ERP, LIMS) can be integrated via standardised interfaces.

For many years, the E•MIC NT has successfully proven its efficiency in a variety of sectors such as chemical & pharmaceutical production, the construction materials industry or food and feed manufacture.

Applications of dosing and mixing control systems

Plant visualisation: production of construction materials
Plant visualisation: production of construction materials

  • Construction chemistry:

    • Concrete / ready-mixed concrete
    • Refractory products
    • Floating screed
    • Ceramics / clay
    • Lime-sand brick
    • Cement and special products
    • Plaster, gypsum and dry mixed mortar
    • Gypsum plaster boards and insulation panels
    • Sealing and insulating compounds

  • Mining products & steel industry:

    • Foundry sand
    • Ferrite compositions

  • Chemical industry:

    • Adhesives
    • Plastics

  • Food & feed:

    • Industrial bakeries / dough preparation
    • Mills

  • Glass
  • Battery and rechargeable battery compounds
  • Paper coating compositions
  • Recycling and soil improvement
  • Friction linings
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