As an experienced systems integrator and automation specialist, Eckelmann is the ideal laboratory automation partner, from sequence controls and laboratory workflow management to the integration into process control systems such as LIMS or ERP.

Process control systems for laboratories

Automated sample handling in a cement laboratory
Automated sample handling in a cement laboratory

Why not spend your time on innovations? Laboratory automation offers relief from time-consuming routine activities!

Modern laboratories are put to the test when it comes to production control and research in areas such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals or medicine. In very short periods of time, laboratories need to deliver reliable data for important decisions or for the optimisation of production processes.

Increased quality requirements, shorter development cycles and a growing variety of products make heavy demands on automation appliances in laboratories and on the integration into IT infrastructure. Functionally speaking, laboratory automation systems can be compared to process control systems.

For more than sample processing

Sample input buffer
Sample input buffer

Automation technology from Eckelmann offers laboratories advantages such as:

  • Shorter analysis times, high sample throughput
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved reproducibility in sample preparation and analysis
  • High operating reliability
  • Automatic data evaluation and logging

Eckelmann’s turnkey complete solutions for laboratory automation comprise the following areas:

  • Sequence controls for automatic sample preparation and analysis processes
  • Data logging of individual units of analysis
  • Visualisation, operation, data evaluation, logging
  • LIMS and ERP networking
  • Database applications
  • Customised LIMS applications

Engineering all around laboratory automation

Our engineers are deeply immersed in the technological background of customer applications and undertake laboratory workflow analyses. Customised solutions are based on industry standards and the E•LAB software library specially developed for laboratory automation.

Sensors, actuators and kinematics of all kinds as well as robot handling systems are individually assembled – independently of manufacturers. Cost-efficient applications are thus generated in very short periods of time.

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