Whether in the modernisation or the new installation of process plants: process control systems from Eckelmann AG provide complete solutions from the field to the company management level. Established industry standards guarantee flexibility and openness.

Process control systems: a path towards more efficient processes

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Control system for aircraft fuel supply at Frankfurt Airport (Hydrant operating company)
Control system for aircraft fuel supply at Frankfurt Airport (Hydrant operating company)

In recent years, process automation has had to tackle a whole number of new technologies. These include, amongst others, the integration of MES functionalities, online analytics, wireless technologies, (Industrial) Ethernet, asset management systems and ERP connection.

The smooth integration of these and other technologies into existing plants requires the comprehensive competency of an experienced Systemintegrator such as Eckelmann – for instance, in the development of smooth migration strategies with minimal disruption to current operations.

Eckelmann AG offers flexible and scalable process control systems (PCS) with intelligent control strategies for the process engineering industry – from single user solution to the automation of distributed industrial plants. Our target sectors include, amongst others, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and food and feed manufacture.

A more efficient use of energy and resources

Process control systems from Eckelmann increase the efficiency of processes and reduce downtime. The consumption of raw materials and energy is optimised sustainably. Enhanced control strategies, online analytics and intelligent diagnosis modules with scalable information density are but a few advantages of modern process control technology.

Looking at the future with flexibility and openness

Visualisation of fuel depot control system
Visualisation of fuel depot control system

Process control systems from Eckelmann AG are homogeneous solutions developed on the basis of carefully coordinated hardware and software. They rely on a manufacturer-independent selection of customary components and systems – from the field and  control level  with PLC (e.g. Simatic S7) or PC-based automation to control system level and networking with external systems (e.g. ERP, LIMS).

Plant visualisation and HMI are implemented with established tools such as WinCC, iFix or InTouch. The use of current industry standards guarantees flexible and open systems that are easy to service and extend. Operators are thus offered security throughout the entire plant life cycle. 

A way through the maze of process control systems

  • ProLeiT Plant iT
  • Emerson DeltaV
  • ABB Freelance 800F, ABB 800xA
  • AEG Viewstar
  • Eigene Lösungen auf der Basis von Hochsprachen

Legacy systems:

  • ABB Operate IT
  • Siemens COROS
  • USG FactoryLink
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