The integrated IT-based organisation of internal flow of goods and materials is a complex and challenging task. Eckelmann AG develops innovative automation solutions for this area.

Intralogistics that are capable of moving

Companies are wont to operate in in a continuously changing economic and legal environment. The automation of processes related to intralogistics offers enormous optimisation potentials and cost advantages in this field. What is important here is that the automation is carried out with a view to existing or projected company processes and that it does not limit the solution space. That is to say, a good automation solution is one that optimises given processes.

Integrated solutions for intralogistics

High-bay warehouse with storage and retrieval vehicle
High-bay warehouse with storage and retrieval vehicle

Eckelmann AG supports its customers in the planning and implementation of optimal, integrated storage and material flow solutions.

In horizontal integration, the spectrum of solutions ranges from pure IT automation to complete automation of plants; in vertical integration, it encompasses the planning and realisation of all control technological plant components, from the logistics control level to the networking with the company management level.

In detail, we use the following competencies and modules:

Software for intralogistics

The modern logistics software tool E°MAT ist the basis for optmised and cost-efficient complete solutions in intralogistics. The software library covers all control tasks regarding in-plant material flow and allows connectivity to any ERP and production planning and monitoring system.

Control technology

Control system technology

  • E•MAT warehouse management and material flow calculator in client/server architecture
  • Forklift control systems and mobile communication
  • Order picking and dispatch systems
  • Batch and product tracking, tracking & tracing according to regulation EC 178/2002
  • Labelling and identification via barcode, data matrix code and RFID
  • Image processing for intralogistics (e.g. identification, optical character and handwriting recognition, volumetric measurement, recognition of empty containers)
  • Interfaces between warehouse management and/or material flow system and higher-level Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP)
Buffer support in production logistics
Buffer support in production logistics

As a systems integrator with overall responsibility, Eckelmann combines all relevant operational levels of a logistics system into technically and economically optimised complete solutions – from the mechanical and electrical equipment to the control level and up to IT systems. The spectrum is completed by innovative applications in industrial image processing runden das Spektrum ab.

Typical applications in intralogistcis are realised on the basis of the proprietary E•MAT software library which includes standardised function modules, e.g. for warehouse management, material flow control, identification systems and traceability.

Automation with sensitivity

In host integration, Eckelmann does not confine itself to the standard ERP such as SAP or Navision. Existing customer systems are also supported. – For the partial modernisation of historically developed plants, smooth migration strategies are used. In this way, minimum downtime periods are guaranteed and current investments, protected.

By combining industry standards with individual solutions, Eckelmann ensures a particularly favourable cost-benefit ratio. Industry standards and open system architecture guarantee the long-term availability and easy extensibility of the systems.