E•ProBAS is a powerful automation system for the implementation of compact control functions – up to and including controls for complex distributed plants with fast control loops and hard real-time conditions.

The E•ProBAS multi-platform automation system

E°ProBAS Compact PCI Serial
E°ProBAS Compact PCI Serial

Whether for compact IPC solutions or complex automation networks with several multiprocessor cartridges, E•ProBAS is the automation system for flexible and modular automation. 500 E•ProBAS systems are currently being used in the steel processing industry all around the world, especially in metallurgy and rolling mill technology.

E•ProBAS offers an integrated system with hardware, operating system, system layer and application software. On the basis of this architecture, E•ProBAS fulfils a variety of functions:

  • Highly dynamic technological controls
  • Sequence controls
  • Communication tasks
  • Data management task

Multi-platform compatibility

E°TEC-B Technological Edge Controller

Platforms supported are Compact PCI Serial, Box-PC, IPC and VMEbus. They can also be used together in a single application. E•ProBAS gives operators maximum independence of automation suppliers, since a clearly defined interface separates system hardware and application software into two separate units.

This independence allows for quick and cost-efficient extension and/or amendments of the plant. When introducing changes and/or upgrades to the hardware platform, operators do not need to make complete changeovers in the application software. Future reliability is guaranteed by the simple portability from one platform to another.

Openness and flexibility through the use of standards

The use of industrial automation standards ensures one of the key features of E•ProBAS: its openness. Comprehensive testing is carried out to validate industrial standard components from major manufacturers for use in E•ProBAS. If desired, new components can be integrated independently of manufacturers. Thus, existing investments are protected – for instance, when components are discontinued.

Graphical development tools

Graphical development environment
Graphical development environment

E•ProBAS uses the LogiCAD graphical development tool from Logicals (formerly KirchnerSoft). The professional IEC 61131-3 tool admits of standardised software solutions with a high degree of reusability and supports all project phases from hardware engineering up to and including software programming as well as debugging.

Armin Seyffer