Eckelmann AG has more than 20 years of experience in technological control systems for hydraulic applications. This is testified, above all, by a number of applications in rolling mill technology for the steel industry.

Motion control for hydraulic systems

For the realisation of hydraulic applications, Eckelmann combines its know-how in automation technology with an extensive technical understanding of hydraulic systems in large-scale industrial plants. The company’s core competencies lie in highly dynamic technological control systems (TCS) for the steel processing industry and in synchronous multi-axis controllers.

Rapid engineering for hydraulics

Existing technology modules are capable of reducing engineering efforts to a minimum and can be real cost-savers. For the realisation of hydraulic control systems, Eckelmann has an extensive function library which includes, among other things, position and speed controllers, pressure/force controllers as well as torque and synchronisation controllers.

The art of controlling fluids is in the detail

All controller modules have been thoroughly tested and proven in practice time and again. The performance of hydraulic controllers can be judged by small but telling details for specific hydraulic functions such as wear detection in valves with leakage oil compensation, overload limiters, etc.

For hydraulic controls, Eckelmann uses, amongst other things, its powerful proprietary automation system E•ProBAS. IPCs and VMEbus systems serve as platforms. – Moreover, Eckelmann also realises hydraulic controls with other systems such as Siemens Simatic or Simotion. Less complex controls for hydraulic and pump stations are automated on a PLC basis.

Eckelmann is involved in several committees of the international organisation for standardisation PLCopen® , particularly in the fields of motion control and motion control for hydraulic systems.

Sophisticated hydraulic controls

  • Roller gap controls for numerous hot and cold rolling mills (AGC Automatic Gauge Control, HGC Hydraulic Gap Control)
  • Roller tilt control
  • Roll adjustment for calender used in foil rolling
  • Strip thickness compensation in strip welding system
  • Position/force control for the press unit of a strip welding system
  • Casting plants

    • Mould oscillation
    • Mould level control
    • Segment adjustment
    • Withdrawal and straightening units

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