Despite the trend towards distributed automation, cost-efficient solutions on the basis of multiprocessors are in demand for installations in which a large number of technological control loops with a high sampling rate needs to be harmonised.

Multiprocessor systems

The automation of multiprocessor systems is particularly suitable for processes concentrated in one location such as in rolling stands used in the metallurgical industry.

For more than 20 years, Eckelmann AG has implemented turnkey automation solutions on the basis of multiprocessor systems. Our services range from the planning and supply of computer systems and application programmes to installation, commissioning and maintenance. If desired, we also design and manufacture the necessary electrical installations. In all this, products from different manufacturers are used in accordance with customer specifications.

Multi-platform compatible automation system

Eckelmann’s extensive experience with technological control systems (TCS) has gone into its proprietary E•ProBAS multi-platform compatible automation system. Developed in close cooperation with major customers in plant engineering – that is to say, from the practical experience and for use in practice – the system is suited to meet the high requirements of numerous applications in industrial automation.

Many control engineering applications all around the world are based on the automation system from Eckelmann AG. One of its key sectors is the metallurgical industry. E•ProBAS supports VMEbus. For the implementation of single-processor applications, the version designed for compact PCI and industrial PC can be used.

E•ProBAS - a strong and visionary ally

Systems developed with E•ProBAS offer

  • Scalability from single-processor system to networking of several multiprocessor systems
  • Communication-friendliness through support of industrial standard protocols and system-wide shared memory
  • Uniform configuration, programming and maintenance
  • Easy extensibility through open system architecture

The multiprocessor applications are programmed in accordance with established standards and subject to strict quality assurance.

Armin Seyffer