Control, motion control as well as operating & monitoring functions – all from a single platform: this is a distinct advantage of PC-based automation. One of its strengths is that it combines classical PLC tasks with the convenience of modern PC applications.

PC-based automation

E°ProBAS CompactPCI Serial

Eckelmann AG provides automation for machines and plants on the basis of PCs, industrial PCs and compact PCI. Hardware configuration, system software and development tools are selected according to task requirements. A comprehensive portfolio of customary products leaves a lot of leeway for the engineering of individual cost-efficient systems. Thus, turnkey systems of great benefit are created in very short periods of time.

PC-based automation offers many advantages:
  • Controlling, motion control, operating and monitoring in a single device
  • Integrated solutions ranging from standard Office solutions to sensors and actuators
  • Openness to networking and extensions due to manufacturer-independent standards
  • Performance and storage capacity for new functions and improved maintenance
  • Operating convenience of modern PC applications
  • Cost-efficient solutions

PC-based automation, independant of manufacturer

The PC is operated with a real-time operating system (e.g. VxWorks, Windows with real-time extension, real-time Linux) or with standard Windows or LINUX systems. Eckelmann supports solutions for PC-based automation from different major manufacturers, e.g. WinAC from Siemens and PC WORX from Phoenix Contact.


An industrial PC
An industrial PC

The PLC functions are normally executed by the software as soft PLC. However, if required, important functions can also be assumed by intelligent modules, i.e. independently of the PC operating system, as in the case of PC-based PLC and PC-based CNC. The process is connected via customary fieldbus systems such as Profinet, Profibus, Sercos-III, EtherCAT®, Interbus S or CANopen®. Where special timing requirements apply, PC modules with direct I/Os guarantee the fast connection to the field level. The multi-platform compatible E•ProBAS automation system, in its capacity as E•ProBAS industrial PC, supports the PC architecture. It is also available as a multiprocessor-compatible system.

  • Turnkey PC-based automation
  • Integrated automation from the field level to Office-based applications
  • Open and manufacturer-independent
  • PLC functions can be used with the convenience of PC applications
Armin Seyffer