The VMEbus I/O boards from Eckelmann’s E•VME range stand out as a modular concept with intelligent boards. Intelligent VMEbus I/O boards from Eckelmann ensure the highest performance, safety and reliability.

VMEbus I/O-Boards und Systeme

VME rack
VME rack

The VMEbus (Versa Module Eurocard) has nearly 30 years of success history. It has steadily grown along with the high requirements of the industry and, at the same time, has remained fully upwards and downwards compatible.

Carrier with integrated processor

Carrier board E•VME-CAR01
Carrier board E•VME-CAR01

All VMEbus I/O boards of the E•VME range are based on an intelligent carrier board with mounted I/O board (analogue I/O, digital I/O, counter, SSI). The use of a carrier with an integrated processor provides significant advantages in speed compared with non-intelligent I/O boards. For this reason, VMEbus I/O boards are especially suitable for high-performance applications.

The highlight of the E•VME range is the profibus interface board E•VME-PFB01. It provides 1 to 3 profibus DP channels and only requires one slot in the VMEbus rack.

Reducing bus load, increasing CPU performance

VMEbus I/O boards have many advantages. The pre-processing of measured data (filtration, etc.) can be carried out on the intelligent motherboard. The data are transmitted to the VMEbus via the dual port RAM on the motherboard. In this way, the bus load of the VMEbus is reduced and CPU performance, saved – to the extent that, compared with non-intelligent I/O concepts, one to several CPU cards can be saved in medium-sized to large-scale systems.

VMEbus I/O boards are used, amongst other things, in Eckelmann’s proven E•ProBAS multi-platform automation system.

  • VMEbus I/O board range for industrial applications
  • Modular concept with carrier board and mountable I/O boards
  • Carrier board with integrated processor for high-performance applications
Armin Seyffer

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