Eckelmann Innovation Lab

Digitization in Plant Automation

"Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future,“ Niels Bohr is claimed to have said. That is an experience all of us make in times of digital transformation – especially engineers and computer scientists involved in shaping the technological future. The most important virtue might therefore be always being open towards new technologies and having a user-oriented approach.

Eckelmann expands its classical service portfolio by including, among other things, modern web technologies and new IoT communication standards such as OPC UA or MQTT, cloud solutions, and artificial intelligence (AI). Using concrete applications, we build bridges between new technologies and industrial automation in order to make our solutions future-proof.

We will showcase to you here how fruitfully Eckelmann is implementing Industry 4.0 concepts in plant automation in client and innovation projects at present already. In our Innovation Lab software developers, IT architects, application engineers, and product designers collaborate in interdisciplinary teams to create tomorrow’s automation solutions.
Discover the manifold chances of digitization. With Eckelmann you are ready for digital evolution in industrial automation.

Insights: Digital Innovation Projects

  • FactoryWare: The modular Industry 4.0 control system framework for material flow systems and complex sequence control in production
  • Industrial cloud solutions for condition monitoring of spread production plants
  • Industry 4.0 upgrade: Upgrading existing automation systems with future-proof Industry 4.0 communication protocols (OPC UA, MQTT, MTConnect)
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning for optimization tasks, predictive maintenance, intelligent assistance systems, and much more

Dr.-Ing. Johannes Stelter