Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning

Be the matter predictive maintenance and optimization of production processes, detection of anomalies in a rolling mill, or intelligently working up logging reports of the highly complex automation systems, by using methods of artificial intelligence (AI) we provide new services to our clients to increase the productivity and efficiency of their processes.

Therefore, experienced data scientists very familiar with up-to-date methods of data analytics in mathematics, informatics, and statistics work for Eckelmann. By means of neuronal networks or deep learning algorithms, invaluable findings can be drawn from the flood of data provided by our increasingly interlinked machines and plants. Big data, highly performant GPU for AI computing, and benefit-oriented questions, those are the ingredients of our forward-thinking AI solutions. 

Examples of Implemented AI Applications

  • Optimization of the defrost time in refrigeration units by means of deep learning and evaluation of prognosis quality using empirical data.
  • Rolling force analysis with training data in order to detect anomalies and to obtain characteristics for predictive optimizations of highly dynamic control systems.
Using artificial intelligence (AI) and statistical methods, anomalies in production processes can be detected.
Dr.-Ing. Johannes Stelter