System Integration for Industrial IoT Cloud Platforms

Example of a Cloud Dashboard

Being a system integrator, Eckelmann has the aspiration of harnessing added value for its clients by connecting their plants with cloud-based Industrial Internet of Things platforms (IIoT). Depending on application and framework conditions, we evaluate suitable cloud platforms (such as inmation, MindSphere, ubix), interfaces or IoT gateways, and the tools for (AI-supported) analysis and display of data for our clients. Our scalable cloud computing solutions can be used as on-premises or SaaS (Software as a Service) with flexible billing models.

Clear advantage: Eckelmann operates completely manufacturer-independent for its cloud solutions. Eckelmann considers itself both a cloud solution partner as well as a service partner for cloud monitoring and optimization of ongoing plant operation. One possible application is the central data collection and evaluation of plants all around the globe in order to effectively protect operators from unplanned downtime or for predictive maintenance.

With a cloud application for continuous running test benches operated at several locations worldwide Eckelmann was, for example, able to significantly simplify the monitoring and central planning of tests. User-oriented cloud dashboards summarize important information for the service technician on site and the central planning of tests. Status data and statistical performance indicators are graphically worked up for clear arrangement.

A cloud-based concept for alerting and escalating was implemented, too – including parameterizable notifications that can be transmitted via email, SMS, or voice message. This is just one example of the manifold opportunities cloud solutions provide in plant automation. This project was implemented using the well-known ubix  platform that enjoys great popularity not limited to the process industry because of its flexibility and openness.

Be it feasibility study or proof of concept, our Industrial Cloud team will help you interconnect business processes, plants, components, and people in a more intelligent manner. Eckelmann provides cloud integration for you – manufacturer-independent and on the basis of future-proof IoT standards.

Further examples of cloud applications in the industry:

  • Worldwide interconnectedness of systems and plants
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Monitoring
  • Process optimization by means of AI
  • Energy management
  • Transparent shop floor management in heterogenous machine parks
Dr.-Ing. Johannes Stelter