At Chillventa 2018 we received a lot of positive feedback on the Virtus 5 and our innovation roadmap. Thank you for visiting us at the trade fair!

Chillventa 2018 – Ready for the future!

Chillventa 2018 - Booth of Eckelmann AG

Chillventa is the international industry meeting point for refrigeration – air conditioning – ventilation – heat pumps. As one of the leading manufacturers of control systems for refrigeration systems in industry and commerce, Eckelmann presented its trend-setting concepts and solutions for sustainable and energy-efficient refrigeration technology and the building automation of tomorrow.

On this page you will learn more about our product highlights at the Chillventa 2018. Don’t wait until the next Chillventa comes around (October 15-20, 2020). Stay up-to-date on innovations with our regular newsletter or make an appointment with us.

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What is possible in refrigeration tomorrow, we are designing today! Take part in the Digital (R)evolution in refrigeration technology. With the Virtus 5, your refrigeration systems are ready for the future.

Virtus 5 – Chillventa Premiere

Virtus LINE
Virtus LINE
Virtus 5, Eckelmann's new system center for the digitally networked refrigeration plant of the future
Vitus 5 E*LDS system center

At Chillventa we showed our new system center Virtus 5 for the first time and introduced the new product line Virtus LINE. This equips refrigeration systems for the digital future of refrigeration technology. Read our press release.

More Chillventa Product News

The VS 3015 CT pack controller supports gas and liquid ejectors
The VS 3015 CT pack controller supports gas and liquid ejectors

Transcritical CO2 boosters are the special strength oft he new VS 3010 CT. They now also support gas and liquid ejectors (s. press release, in German only) The gas cooler fans can be conveniently connected and controlled digitally via Modbus. The new generation natively controls up to three TK and four NK compressors at once and can be expanded flexibly with SIOX modules depending on the application.

Multifunctional OEM controller VCC-PI-500 for plug-in refrigeration units for individual solutions
Multifunctional OEM controller VCC-PI-500 for plug-in refrigeration units for individual solutions

Multifuctional controller, customized for the regulation of plugi-in refrigerated cabinets with natural and synthetic refrigerants. Connection to a CAN bus system with numerous options for wiring the inputs and outputs.

Thank you for your visit!

We drive your solutions forward: The E*LDS Team.
Eckelmann E*LDS Team at Chillventa 2018

Intelligent measurement, control and regulation technology for refrigeration systems and building automation: Eckelmann is your solution partner for automation and digitization in refrigeration technology.

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Digitization – an opportunity for refrigeration

The digital revolution will change almost all areas of life. Technologies are merging and the boundaries between physical, digital, and biological spheres are blurring.

At the same time, we face global challenges such as climate change and the growing world population. Energy efficient and sustainable refrigeration technology does not solve these problems, but it can make an important contribution. For this, digitization opens up new avenues.

Still client or already partner?

The generation, provision and evaluation of data streams from machines, plants and buildings creates unimagined possibilities to provide digital services. We no longer think only in terms of industries or markets: we think in "digital ecosystems" and enter into new partnerships.

The Eckelmann AG offers its customers the opportunity to explore this world together. Customer requirements are met with powerful electronics and algorithms. They form the basis for value-added digital services and even more efficient refrigeration control.

Those who think linearly are overtaken exponentially!

Refrigeration electronics: refrigeration controller boards

More than 10,000 refrigeration plants in Europe are operated with E*LDS. Integral solutions for heat, cold, and climate are standard in supermarket refrigeration. Today, transcritical CO2 refrigeration systems with heat recovery achieve excellent overall efficiency; Eckelmann is one of the pioneers and leading innovators here.

Now there is a chance to apply new concepts and technologies and to equip the complex refrigeration technology for the future. Amongst others Eckelmann builds data portals with artificial intelligence for this purpose and develops high-performance electronics.


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