Electronic accessories with case controllers for the decentralised regulation of refrigerated display cases make commissioning quicker and more reliable as well as significantly reducing wiring work. We produce individual electronic accessories for refrigeration technicians and refrigerated display case manufacturers.

Electronic accessories and load units for refrigerated display cases

In principle the electronic accessories consist of compact, mini switching cabinets specific to each refrigerated display case and equipped with a case controller. They also contain all protective, load, and if required, time relays, fuses and additional electronics for e.g. lighting and blinds control.

Refrigeration technology product portfolio

The entire device is completely wired and enclosed in a housing mounted on a DIN rail which can be attached directly to the refrigerated display case. All connection cables are finished to the appropriate length and fitted with clearly labelled plugs, e.g. for temperature sensors, expansion valves or the frame heater.

The refrigerated display cabinets can either be fitted with electronic accessories factory-side or subsequently fitted by a refrigeration technician.

Manual assembly of an electrical accessory
Manual assembly of an electrical accessory

The use of electronic accessories doesn’t just pay off for large refrigerated display case manufacturers – we can also supply load units for models from all common manufacturers in small lots at competitive prices. The electronic accessories and load units are optimally adjusted to the controllers from Eckelmann, however, controllers from other manufacturers can also be used.

Your benefits

Test stand for electrical accessories
  • Minimal cabling work
  • Quick and reliable commissioning
  • Support automatic defrost and electric defrost heating
  • Factory tested for maximum reliability
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Immediately available


Industrial & commercial refrigeration

The significant strengths of the E*LDS refrigeration control system are flexible supermarket refrigeration and customised solutions for industrial refrigeration. more